#Write30 June 4 More beach notes because the Ocean gets it.

Looks like the ocean is going uphill toward the horizon
Like I sit at the peak
And it slopes down toward the break
Then goes back uphill again
Even though it can’t

What seems and what is
Don’t always match

This is from a Evernote note from June 2012. I don’t remember the day, or thinking that about the ocean. But it’s an idea that I always want to explore in more depth. The differwnce between appearance and realuty. Something I have often found myself writing about myself.

It’s the idea of that passage in the Scarlet Letter about Dimmesdale seeming more holy as his conscience is  inflamed with guilt.

It’s the thing that happens this time of year when I celebrate school successes, and panic that I have used up my quota.

It’s the happy face covering depression. And the accolades covering a drinking problem.

Is it always a good masquing a bad? Is the appearance always better than the reality? Can’t be.

I’m going to have to explore it more when I am not violating my avowed bed time.

Whatever it is…

The ocean always gets it.

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